Build class community and celebrate mastery all year long with LearnStorm

Build class community and celebrate mastery all year long with LearnStorm

Build class community and celebrate mastery all year long with LearnStorm

Dear teachers,

You can take student motivation off your to-do list this year, because Khan Academy’s LearnStorm is back and better than ever. LearnStorm will help you boost engagement and build community in your classroom all year long! You can also sign your class up for the chance to win prizes in the fall as part of Khan Academy’s National LearnStorm Challenge!

Our founder and CEO, Sal Khan, has a message for teachers who are wondering why they should use LearnStorm in the classroom:

Measure mastery learning with the LearnStorm tracker

In addition to being available year-round for teachers worldwide, the LearnStorm tracker now not only tracks whether students are completing assignments, but whether they have actually mastered the concepts. This new update encourages deeper learning by rewarding mastery level-ups to “familiar” or higher. With LearnStorm, teachers can help students build a growth mindset by allowing them to track their progress and celebrate mastery all year long!

Turn learning into an adventure for your whole class

We all know how motivating it can be to be a part of something bigger than yourself. But how can teachers build a sense of community in the classroom? One solution is using a tool like LearnStorm that can take your student’s individual learning journeys and turn them into an adventure for the entire classroom. Working as a team, with you their leader, your class can use LearnStorm to create a sense of excitement and camaraderie. The best part? You’ll be able to show your students their class progress and celebrate when the class has reached new achievements with the LearnStorm tracker.

Share your #LearnStorm celebrations and stories

Looking for more motivation for your classroom? You can now sign up to enroll in Khan Academy’s FREE National LearnStorm Challenge. Join the challenge to earn prizes while competing against classes in your building and across the country!

We want to hear how your LearnStorm tracker experience is going! Be sure to share your story or a video of your class celebrating their LearnStorm progress by tagging @khanacademy with #LearnStorm on social media.

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