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If you are looking for some ideas for toys that start with D, look no further. I’ve written a list of 19 letter D toys that are both fun and educational.

Whether you’re looking for toys that start with D to send with your child to school for show-and-tell or you’re trying to come up with sound game objects to help your little one better understand the sound the letter D makes, this article is for you.

The letter D toys on this list are Montessori-aligned, for the most part, and all have educational value.

So, after the show-and-tell is over or after your child has mastered the letter D sound, they’ll have a quality toy to play with.

Image for letter D formed from lego toys.

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19 toys starting with D

Schleich dog figurine

Schleich makes some of the highest quality, best-detailed animal figurines you can find.

Schleich dinosaur figurine

Of course, there’s a Schleich dinosaur on this list!


A set of Dominoes makes a great letter D toy that the whole family can enjoy.

Dump truck toy

If you’ve got a child that enjoys construction toys, dump trucks make great letter D toys.

Realistic baby doll

Realistic baby dolls are great for imaginative play.

Schleich dolphin figurine

Sea creature-loving kids will appreciate this letter D sea mammal.

Kids toy drums

A toy drum is the perfect letter D toy for a music and rhythm-loving child.

Wooden dessert play set

If your child loves playing pretend, wooden desserts are the letter D toy for them.

Deer figurine

This buck figurine can double as a letter B toy if need be!

Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit

This is a fun dinosaur toy that let children discover while they play.

Activity dice

I love this gross motor dice game. It’s great for music and movement activities, too!

Dress up clothes

Pretend play is so important for development and these dress-up outfits make great letter D toys, as well!

Duck life cycle figurine

This duck life cycle figurine is educational and pretty adorable.

Realistic doctor’s kit

This doctor’s kit has everything a child needs for imaginative play.

Wooden dentist kit

This dentist kit is absolutely adorable and it gives kids the chance to become familiar with the process of going to the dentist and caring for their teeth.

Dragonfly growth cycle figurines

This is a letter D toy that is also great for teaching insect life and growth cycles.

Realistic drill toy

This drill toy works just like a real drill. It has drill bits that can be swapped out and everything.

Play dirt

My 7-year-old daughter helped me come up with this one. Kids play with dirt and the word dirt starts with the letter D.

Technically dirt is a toy!

Play dishes and sink

This play dish and sink set actually has running water!

There you have it – an awesome list of toys that start with the letter D!

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