The SellX Platform Aims To Enhance Customizable Campaigns

The SellX platform is an end-to-end solution for companies looking to acquire more customers by launching customizable campaigns to a network of sales reps. The data-optimized platform is complete with integrated sales and marketing tools that track performance, automate workflows and manage payments.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The SellX platform aims to help companies reach specific revenue goals, with key features that include:

  • AI matching with adaptive scalability;
  • Targeted customer segments and engagement tools;
  • Personalized sales sequences;
  • Defined rep criteria;
  • Versatile campaign types;
  • Multichannel outreach;
  • Real-time analytics;
  • Integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Calendly, Gmail, etc.;
  • Payments; and
  • Lag metrics.

Who It’s For

The SellX platform is designed for companies and organizations of all sizes to help scale their teams quickly and drive revenue. From early-stage companies looking to find product-market fit to SMBs that need to ramp up quickly to match their growth and well-established enterprises looking for a cost-efficient way to keep scaling.

What It Solves

Sales has long been a major pain point in both company growth and hiring in general. With a staggering 35% attrition rate, the highest among all other industries, the average tenure of a sales rep is less than 12 months, and turnover can cost upwards of $20,000 per employee. The SellX platform aims to reduce the risk, cost and time associated with building, managing, scaling and retaining an in-house sales development team.

What Makes It Special

SellX seeks to redefine the modern sales department in this new era of hybrid work. By leveraging a rapidly growing pool of freelancers who can be hired on demand, the SellX platform aims to give companies unprecedented speed and flexibility in building a talented sales force. Furthermore, everything in the sales process/cycle from discovery to work and payment is happening in one data-optimized platform while additional data is collected. This also allows companies to have complete transparency and control over outreach aiming to create more personalized interactions across the customer journey.



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