Test yourself with this parenting pop quiz on trendy baby gear


Get your variety 2 pencils completely ready, I’m putting your parenting know-how to the test. Oh jeez, I by now sound like a dinosaur.

Exams these times would be performed on pcs, not Scantron. Ok, effectively … Fake this is taking place on a Chromebook and I’ll be uploading your outcomes to Canvas.

Have I presently lost you? Good. Get ready by yourself to be even far more puzzled.

Today’s pop quiz is on key vocabulary words and phrases that new parents know. But do not stress, at minimum it is a number of choice.

Opt for the very best definition for the next:

1. Little one Breeza

A. Critical oil diffuser for the nursery

B. Method dispenser

C. Air filter

D. Easy-to-use cloth diapers

2. Snoo

A. Robotic bassinet

B. Hat that monitors an infant’s temperature

C. Toddler food items in a squeezable pouch

D. Application that assembles photographs into an prompt baby guide

3. Oogie Bear

A. Vibrating stuffed animal

B. A washable mitt for bathtime

C. Teddybear-formed ice pack for accidents

D. Nose and ear gadget

4. Hatch

A. Portable security gate

B. Plastic meals container for toddlers

C. Audio equipment and nightlight

D. Doorway jumper

5. Willow

A. Crib designed of sustainably harvested wooden

B. Dehumidifier

C. Child observe

D. Wearable breast pump

6. Wubbanub

A. Cradle-cap cream

B. Wallaby-shaped bathtub

C. Pacifier with connected stuffed animal

D. Toddler scooter

7. Windi

A. Fart whistle that inserts into the bum

B. Sunshine-blocking shade for the automobile

C. Musical cellular

D. Seat protector for grocery cart

8. Soothie

A. Teething washcloth

B. Vibrating chair

C. 1-piece pacifier

D. Aloe nursing pad

9. Halo

A. Wearable blanket

B. Online video sport sequence

C. Bassinet

D. All of the above

10. Owlet

A. Instructional application for toddlers

B. Monitoring sock and camera

C. More comfortable vehicle seat

D. School savings account

Solution Important: 1:B, 2:A, 3:D, 4:C, 5:D, 6:C, 7:A, 8:C, 9:D, 10:B

Grading Diagnostic:

8-10: When is the previous time you slept or showered? It sounds like you may be a manufacturer new dad or mum.

5-7: Are you a grandparent? You are familiar with a whole lot of these products but refuse to use a Windi.

1-4: You suspect I produced some of these terms up, ideal? If anything at all, I went easy on you. I generally nestled you up in a Bobby, loaded an EZPZ with liquid from a Haakaa, and popped it in your mouth. You are welcome.

Jennifer Bardsley publishes books below her possess name and the pseudonym Louise Cypress. Obtain her online on Instagram @jenniferbardsleyauthor, on Twitter @jennbardsley or on Fb as Jennifer Bardsley Author. E-mail her at [email protected].


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