Tan France Gets Parenting Tips From Gigi Hadid


Tan France and Gigi Hadid are more than just the co-hosts of Next In Fashion on Netflix; they’ve also formed a real bond as parents of little ones. France and his husband Rob welcomed baby boy Ismail in August 2021, and he has been reaching out to Hadid for parenting tips ever since.

The Queer Eye star told Us Weekly that Hadid is “one of my closest friends. I love her so much. It makes the show really, really fun. It’s probably the best time I’ve ever had in a show.” He also explained that he has benefitted greatly from Hadid’s wisdom as a first-time mom to 20-month-old daughter Khai, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik. “She’s an amazing mom. I’ve gotten so many tips from her. She was a mom before I was a parent, like, seven months before [my son was born]. And so, she was the first person that sent me a care package of all the things that my baby might need. It was so sweet.”

The proud dad said Hadid’s care package included “a Baby Brezza, which is a machine that helps you make your formula really quickly. She included a sound machine, bibs, pacifiers, like, everything I could possibly need.”

France has spoken out in the past about bottle-feeding his son and how it feels to be shamed for it, saying in October 2021, “I want to make it clear to everyone listening: I 100% believe that breast milk is the gold standard, so does Bobbie. We all understand that. If I could breastfeed my child, 100% I would. I can’t. Therefore, I need to not be shamed for that.” So that Baby Brezza would come in handy, formula shortage notwithstanding, of course.

When France found out he was expecting his baby boy via surrogate, it was actually Hadid he went to first to share his good fortune. “”She was the first friend I told when [my husband and I] got pregnant,” France told People. “I can’t remember if she had just had a baby or was just about to have a baby, but she had gotten everything ready. She’s a much bigger reader than I am, so I was like, ‘Can I just steal your notes?'”

Now he can turn to her for parenting tips whenever he wants. And presumably get their little ones together for the most stylish playdates ever.


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