Sacramento Zoo welcomes flamingo chick and baby mongoose lemur


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento Zoo welcomed new animals to its facility this week. 

The zoo announced a new addition to its flamboyance of flamingos Friday with a new chick, which is shown in photos shared on social media. 

The chick hatched on July 4 and it’s the fifth chick from the pair of parents. 

“The healthy chick is currently spending days with its parents out on the lake learning how to be a flamingo and being brought inside at night to protect it from potential predation from native wildlife while it is still so tiny,” the zoo said in a tweet. 

According to a Facebook post, the zoo said flamingos typically pair with the same individual on a yearly basis. 

On Thursday, the zoo announced a baby mongoose lemur was born to its mother Dahlia and father Elmo on July 3. The zoo said the baby is “likely” a male, but that’s not 100% confirmed. 

According to the zoo, the baby will be attached to the mom until it begins to wean, which lasts for 135 days. 

“Around that time the baby will begin becoming more independent and will start exploring on his own,” the zoo said in a Facebook post. 

The zoo said the baby is the pair’s first offspring, but both have previous parenting experience. 

“The family currently has indoor/outdoor habitat access at the small wonders exhibit and has been choosing to spend the majority of their time outside,” the zoo said on Facebook.

According to the zoo, the mongoose lemur species is “critically” endangered.

Later this summer, the zoo is expecting a calf from one of its giraffes Shani. The calf will be the 21st-born calf in the herd at the Sacramento Zoo since 1964, according to the zoo. 


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