Radiant-Cut Diamonds: Things You Should Know

Radiant-Cut Diamonds Buying Guide: Modern & Durable ...

Are you looking for an engagement ring for your partner that is not that common? Well, radiant-cut diamonds are an excellent choice for those seeking the modern, sophisticated look of a square-shaped diamond.

Here are more things that you should know about Radiant-cut diamonds: 

What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

The radiant cut diamond has been popular since the 1980s and it really does live up to its name. It is radiant and brilliant. Henry Grossbard, the person who designed the Radiant cut diamond, designed it in 1977. He wanted to combine the finest elements of the round brilliant cut and emerald cut together, hence the birth of the radiant cut.

A radiant cut diamond has 70 facets found in the pavilion and crown, each offering immense brilliance and fire. Radiants also have substantial durability against chips and breakage, making this engagement ring an excellent choice for those people who live an active lifestyle since it is less likely to break easily. This also allows the radiant to be paired alongside square and rounded diamonds.

Pros of a Radiant cut diamond:

  1. Excellent brilliance, fire, and sparkle

Because of the 70 facets in its pavilion and crown, this cut offers an impressive brilliance and fire. 

  1. Larger perceived size than other diamond shapes

The radiant cut is known for looking a bit bigger and larger than most of the other diamonds that have the same carat weight, adding a little bit more attention, and making it an eye-grabber once it is on your partner’s finger. The face-up area is slightly smaller than a round brilliant cut diamond but because of the radiant cut’s long diagonal measurement, it could trick the eyes and make it look bigger.

  1. Better durability than other square diamonds

The radiant cut is often compared to square diamonds, take the princess cut for example. 

Is Radiant Cut better than Princess?

With all the technicalities in mind, a radiant cut diamond usually reflects more light than an equally well-cut princess diamond. If you are looking for optimal brilliance, fire, and sparkle, then the radiant cut is a better choice for you. Though they are both very similar when it comes to their aesthetics, an advantage that the radiant cut also has against the princess cut is that it is more durable. The sharp square corners of the princess cut can chip if the diamond brushes against a hard surface. 

The radiant cut offers a more modern shape, has a slightly better appearance, improves durability, and a modest increase in brilliance and sparkle while the princess cut offers a classic, beautiful look. It all just really depends on the aesthetics that you are going for.

  1. Excellent value for money 

A common question that is being asked around is that, are radiant diamonds expensive? Since price is really something a lot of people look at first when buying anything. Well actually, no.

The radiant cut diamond is one of the most affordable diamond shapes because the cutting process of the radiant diamond uses a large percentage of the original rough diamond, so there are very few diamonds that are being wasted. A loose radiant diamond will be priced lower on a per-carat basis than most of the other diamond cuts.

Con of a Radiant Cut Diamond

  1. No GIA Cut Quality Grades

Unfortunately, the GIA doesn’t grade the cut quality of radiant cut diamonds, which means that this is something that you would have to check yourself. The cut of a diamond is absolutely vital to its appearance to be able to determine the level of brilliance of the ring (how much light the diamond will reflect, and sparkle).

Radiant Cut Diamond Certification

Since a radiant cut diamond is not GIA graded, there are a couple of lab grading entities that report for Radiant cut diamonds, but only a couple are entirely trustworthy. It is best that you have an experienced diamond professional assist you to ensure maximum quality at an excellent price.

In conclusion, if you want a diamond that bursts with brilliance, and sparkles from across the room, then maybe the radiant cut diamond is for you, just make sure that you closely review each of its cut quality, clarity, and color (to ensure the durability of the ring), along with its overall beauty, aesthetic and appeal.