LOBO Systems Is Now Approved For Use At 11  AB Agri Locations.

LOBO Systems Is Now Approved For Use At 11  AB Agri Locations.

LOBO Systems Is Now Permitted For Use At 11  AB Agri Places.

Developed and created by LOBO Techniques,  the British business with the world’s most innovative function platform method, has received orders from  AB Agri, section of the £13B huge Associated British Food items PLC.

The facilities transform grain into pellets by grinding it down and compacting it. This is done as a result of various devices, conveyors and elevators, all necessitating maintenance.

The engineering & servicing groups demand a solitary piece of tools that would allow them to accessibility all the machinery within their developing, such as motors, bearings and hatches that have to have harmless doing work accessibility.

The LOBO system program and its integrated Lifting Slider Beam configurations ended up best.

Every single site has a tailor-created “pool” of LOBO elements that can build a tower to accommodate any situation brought to LOBO’s focus. The LOBO Devices solution will preserve AB Agri money extended-time period by lessening or doing away with the need to have for ongoing scaffolding fees.

Stuart Smith, the British isles Dependability & Asset Treatment Supervisor for AB Agri responses …

Why did you order a LOBO Method?

“I have used it ahead of at various other businesses. Generally observed it quick to use and straightforward but incredibly productive. The people today I have dealt with at LOBO have constantly been expert, pleasant and very helpful.”

What features of the system are particularly pleasing?

“Easy to assemble, and when you get utilised to it, you can erect it quickly. I truly feel safer on the prime deck of LOBO devices than I do with any other choice. It all just locks into spot with no tools and much less risk.”

 What was the pondering behind paying for for all your spots?

We have many spots that are hard to access across the mills, and LOBO was the evident answer. In addition, we can share understanding and even tools effortlessly with LOBO somewhat than eleven unique kinds of obtain products.”

Was the education of benefit and why?

“The training was wonderful, genuinely effectively well balanced among simple and idea. I felt self-confident that when the study course was finished, I could prepare in the harmless use of the LOBO program. As a final result, all the engineering teams and I now know to practice a vast quantity of men and women in our small business properly and proficiently. Every little thing from the paying for knowledge to the shipping and instruction has been exceptional. Even with the time, it took us to get the revenue allotted. LOBO was handy and supportive in this method and, finally, hugely patient with us.” 

The 12-month onboarding course of action comprised HSE  compliance verification and approval by the British isles  engineering team, which has now been concluded.

As LOBO is modular with no applications assembly, Amazon engineers use LOBO to access awkward locations over and close to their conveyor models, which are in continual use, so a significant priority. Outsourced contractor scaffolding charges can be significantly lessened, as routine maintenance teams can assemble the method anywhere expected.

Robert Bokros, LOBO Methods inventor & CEO, stated: “The LOBO Sophisticated Platform System has revolutionized the way field functions safely and securely at peak. Proof from happy end users illustrates amazing cuts in scaffolding expenses, lowered downtime although waiting around for it to get there, erected and fewer reliance on outside the house scaffolding contractors. In most cases, the payback time for LOBO is measured in months compared to traditional scaffolding. On our web site, we determine these financial savings from real circumstance histories.”

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