Key Features Behind the Success Of “Be An Angel”

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Ever since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Be an Angel e.V., founded in 2015, and Friends of Be an Angel, the U.S. registered counterpart, have evacuated more than 18,000 vulnerable Ukrainian civilians to safety in European Union countries. They delivered and distributed nearly 5,000 tons of in-kind donations worth over 35 million Dollars to war zones in Ukraine. These donations include medicines, medical equipment, basic foodstuffs, ambulances, and more. Everything Be an Angel and Friends of Be an Angel was and can do, is funded by donations only.

Be an Angel was founded as a response to the refugee crisis heavily affecting Germany in 2015. It started with the accommodation of refugees as guests in the apartments of the Be an Angel team. At some point, over 1,600 people had been spared homelessness in this way. Over the years, 

Be an Angel has evolved to be a reliable non-governmental organization that has responded to various humanitarian crises professionally and efficiently and continues to do so today. Their projects include on-the-ground work in Greece, Serbia, Moldova, and Ukraine, as well as the support of refugees of various backgrounds arriving in Germany. 

The work that Be an Angel does consists of counseling and evacuating refugees, with a significant focus on vulnerable people (illnesses, disabilities, old age, etc.) and the organization and distribution of in-kind donations. The number one goal of Be an Angel is empowerment. 

Under this slogan, they have found two restaurants in Berlin (Kreuzberger Himmel and Himmel8) that are run and owned by people with a history of flight. In the face of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Be an Angel was registered as an NGO in Moldova. The US-registered organization Friends of Be an Angel was founded, coordinating donations from within the U.S. and Canada. 

Funding for humanitarian help and evacuations is provided through Friends of Be an Angel. Its goal is to aid the rescue, and refugee relief initiatives for Ukrainians carried out by the German and Moldovan NGO Be an Angel in collaboration with other humanitarian organizations, such as the Women’s Movement for the Future.

The entire squad evacuates Ukrainians, paying particular attention to the weak, including children, the old, the disabled, and the very ill. The collaboration also sends supplies directly to Ukraine’s front lines, including food, clean water, and medicine. 

Friends of Be an Angel was set up to allow American individuals, foundations & companies to support this extraordinary rescue and aid workers in Ukraine during the Russian-led war and occupation. They are a grassroots organization making a significant impact in aiding people in need during humanitarian crises. 

Refugees who arrived in the EU had a life before. They were sometimes more and sometimes less successful. They are human beings in a crisis. They support them; they do not make decisions for anyone. Their ideal vision is to ensure people have an apartment, a job, proper training, children attending schools, and so on. We want to see refugees succeed without us and march forward.

Through direct, personal proximity to the refugees, they experience cultural and religious differences within the refugee groups, especially in the context of their culture daily. Without question, creating a society of mutual respect and community togetherness will not be easy. 

Germany and other EU countries are becoming countries of immigration. They are the beneficiaries of this immigration, despite problems and shortcomings. However, there is no alternative to rolling their sleeves and trying our best.

The openness and hospitality of the original population must be met by a willingness to integrate on the part of the refugees and a readiness to accept and share the cultural customs and identity of the host countries. This is the only way to overcome reservations and create a functioning neighborhood.

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