I was stunned! | bleuwater

I was stunned! | bleuwater

desert yard with cactus and clouds
Again dwelling in the desert immediately after our beach front holiday.

My to start with morning property. I am irritated.

Not since I’m house, but due to the fact of what confirmed up in our massive stack of mail.

A letter from my husband’s employer that said we have to have to verify our marriage or I’d be dropped from well being insurance coverage.

I was stunned, I convey to you, shocked.

We celebrated 37 yrs of marriage this summer. 30 Seven!

I spent a very good hour gathering asked for files. Scanning and printing explained files. They want them faxed.

Asked for files included a certificate of relationship and tax returns, financial institution or mortgage loan statement.

What ticked me off is I am a previous staff of this organization. They have all the things about me. ALSO, we have a variety of bank and financial investment accounts AND home loans with this corporation.

When we filled out home finance loan programs, we supplied all the asked for files including tax returns and bank statements. They have our data.

How can I NOT be verified as a wife or husband?

Of program, I am giving all the facts. I’m just irritated that I have to do it. We live in a planet in which all the things is compartmentalized and computerized. The individual touch is absent in considerably of our lives. We’re a range. Gone are the days of my childhood where we all knew each individual other.

I guess this is a fact look at that my getaway is indeed over. Again to true everyday living.

What has annoyed you this past week? Or have you had a great 7 days devoid of minor inconveniences?

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