‘I am so blessed to be her mom’


This TikTok parent shared the emotional reason why her outdoor baby swing means so much to her!

Kadi (@kadispruill) is an artist, mom, TikToker, and self-proclaimed “happy hippie,” who shares relatable parenting stories and advice, along with videos of her adorable baby girl. In a moving video, Kadi recently explained why the baby swing she purchased before her baby was born means so much to her.

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In the video, Kadi explains that she purchased the swing while pregnant, knowing she had a high-risk pregnancy. As a result, watching her baby enjoy the swing has become a deeply emotional experience for her.

The video begins with a shot of Kadi’s backyard. In the distance, a road and houses are visible through the trees, while in the foreground, a white wicker baby swing hangs from a tree branch. The adorable swing has tassels hanging from the bottom that flutter in the air as the swing sways back and forth in a breeze.

Kadi begins to tell her story as she walks towards the swing. “When I found out that I was pregnant, the first purchase that I made was this swing,” she explains.

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As she walks forward, it becomes clear that the swing is not empty. Her baby is on the swing! The little girl sleeps peacefully atop a cushion, her thumb in her mouth. “I figured if I didn’t get to meet [my] baby, I could always resell [the swing], but I had hopes that I would get to meet her earth-side,” the mom explains.

Kadi begins gently pushing the swing back and forth, gently rocking her baby, as she continues the story. “I’m so grateful to get to watch her stare into the trees, enjoy the honeybees from our hive, and just be our little hippie babe, content outside,” Kadi explains. “I am so blessed to be her mom.”

Viewers applauded the mom and her emotional video.

“I felt that. I did the same thing. Forever grateful we have our hippie babes,” one parent wrote.

“Goals! I’m 7 weeks and this is exactly what I want, down to the hives and everything! We’ve got two right now,” another parent commented.

“She is going to grow up so loved and so strong. I wish my mom talked about me the way you talk about your beautiful baby,” wrote another viewer.

Sometimes it’s the taken-for-granted everyday things that can best remind us how lucky we are!

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