H.E. Marvin Rauf Spreading Awareness About the Need of a Government Ambassador

Marvin Rauf is an English entrepreneur and Ambassador At Large for the Intergovernmental Institution for using Microalgae Spirulina Against Malnutrition (IIMSAM) viewer to Social Council and the United Nations Economic. He is the founder of the nonprofit organization Marvellous Foundation.

An ambassador is the highest-ranking prudent officer appointed by the government as its resident spokesperson in a foreign state or before a global organization. The preliminary duties of ambassadors are maintaining diplomatic relations with the receiving State and encouraging foreign policy strategies through multinational organizations. 

Among other duties, ambassadors ensure the safety of their state citizens living in the receiving government, seek to build and sustain strong diplomatic and economic relations with foreign nations, and administer all the embassy affairs. States generally have ambassadors in many countries with diplomatic ties, and the embassy is usually located in the broadcaster nation’s capital.

Ambassadors have diplomatic impunity. Therefore, they are covered from prosecution in the receiving Country for the entire time they hold their diplomatic position. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 delivers that “A diplomatic agent shall enjoy exemption from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State. 

Unless he transports it on behalf of the sending State for the assignment, he shall also be aware of immunity from its civil and executive jurisdiction in the case of a real dispute relating to private interest in land located in the portion of the sending Country;

An activity relating to sequence in which the diplomatic agent is applied as executor, administrator, heir, or legatee as a private individual and not on behalf of the sending State; An act relating to any professional or commercial activity exerted by the diplomatic agent in the receiving State beyond his official functions.”

Technological develop­ments, mainly making everything digital, affect how the diplomat’s work is understood; the number of domestic, like how the interaction between states and the dealings between government and other domestic actors’ pro­gresses, impacts diplomacy’s capacity to act legitimately and actually. And international actors whose activity involves (or is a form of) diplomacy is growing; the public is more sen­sitive to foreign policy problems and seeks to influence diplomacy via social media and other platforms. Yet, diplomats do not necessarily need the exact attri­butes they once accomplished.

In 2012, Rauf launched Marvellous Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists African societies. In 2021, Rauf evolved as an ambassador at large for the Intergovernmental Institution to benefit Microalgae Spirulina Against Malnutrition (IIMSAM) spectator to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Secretary general H.E. Remigio Maradona selected him.

Throughout his journey of being in the position of an ambassador, Rauf has always thought of how he can help the needy by providing charity, support, and aid to them. People need to know more about those who want to be there for their rights, voice their needs, and support them. At the same time, the people in authoritative roles also should spread more awareness about the powers they hold so people would find it easier to reach out to them in their actual time of need.

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