Choosing The Right Wine Rack

Do you identify yourself as a wine enthusiast? If so, you should also be well versed in storing your beloved wine properly.

From keeping the humidity level at 60%-80% and the temperature at the ideal 11-14 degrees Celsius to ensuring proper ventilation and no scope of vibration. These factors determine how well your wine storage will be to keep your drink perfect.

Most people turn to beautiful wine racks to fulfil all these storage elements. Regardless of what you plan to do with the racks – use them simply for storage in the cellar or use it to beautify your home interiors – knowing how to buy the right one is essential!

Let’s take a look at important factors that will influence your decision!

  1. Size

Are you a novice with a handful of wine bottles or a wine collector passionate about having their hand at every possible wine in the world? Depending on your wine collection, you can buy a wine rack that could fit 5 or 500 bottles.

If you are unsure about the number of bottles you plan to collect, you can get a modular rack. It’s easy to reconfigure and expand as you go along. 

Another vital thing to consider is the size of your wine bottles. The standard ones are around 750 ml, but there are some split and half bottles. 

So, familiarize yourself with the size of the rack openings before investing in one!

  1. Location

The following important question is: where do you plan to store this wine rack? If you are beginning out, the best possible location is any part of your house that experiences the least amount of temperature fluctuation. A spot that is a little humid, dim and cool would be perfect. 

So, you can store the rack in your pantry, basement or even the corner of your garage! 

  1. Style

Choosing a specific style of wine rack mostly depends on your preference and the aesthetics of your wine cellar. For example, going for a wood wine rack will work perfectly if you want to explore a homey vibe. A glass wine rack is ideal if you want something on contemporary lines!

The second thing to consider is whether you want a freestanding or wall-mounted rack. You could even buy a wine storage space that easily fits in a slim cupboard in your living room. 

  1. Material

Last but not least, the material your wine rack is made of can change the entire game. Each material comes with its set of pros and cons. 

One of the most commonly chosen wine rack materials is wood. You can pick oak, pine or cider if you want something inexpensive. High-quality wood like redwood or mahogany is on the pricier side of the scale. Added to it, the thicker your wood is, the better. 

Besides the material, it’s essential to ensure that your wine racks have horizontal stabilizer bars and bottle holders.

On the other hand, if you want something more durable, you can choose a metal rack made of stainless steel or brass. Although, you need to protect it from rust. That said, a metal wine rack is a perfect choice if you are going for a modern, industrial look. 

Glass racks are also an incredible option, but their beauty doesn’t make up for the lack of their durability.

Wrapping up

Aussies, on average, drink over 100 million glasses of wine in one week alone. Do you find yourself in that statistic? More so, if you are a wine collecting enthusiast, you must ensure that your high-quality wine finds a high-quality home. 

So, consider all four factors – size, location, style and material – before making your pick!