All You Need to Know About Sport Utility Vehicles

Do you love SUVs? And are you thinking about buying one? Like many who now prefer an SUV over a sedan or hatchback, you must be jumping on the bandwagon, or is the SUV becoming the new regular car in the neighborhood? Spotting an SUV on the road was rare just two decades ago, but now, all you see are SUVs. As such, you can easily find any SUV model in your area by just Googling. For example, if you search “Jeep dealer near me in St. Louis” online, you will get all the information about the automobile dealerships in St. Louis and their offers and discounts.

As per the Census, the job market in St. Louis increased by 0.7% last year, and it is expected to grow by 33% in the next ten years, which is more than the U.S. average. And the average income of St. Louis residents is $23,244/year, and the median household income is 34,800, which means one can afford an SUV without breaking the bank. 

So when shopping for an SUV, you get too many options, and you have to choose from those. And to make a proper decision, you need to know more about SUVs and their features. So this article will list the things you must understand before you start looking for an SUV.

What Does the Acronym SUV Stand for, and What Does It Mean?

SUV is the acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle. A standard SUV will have a high ride height, elevated seating position, a tall roof, and a cargo area open to the cabin. These are the attributes of SUVs, but now things are changing quickly. SUVs are getting more rugged and utilitarian than cars, and they are capturing the market and are already dominating in many sections.

Most SUVs now have larger bodies and more ground clearance with AWD (All Wheel Drive) and 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) options. This segment is evolving faster than any other car segment, and it is expected to grow in popularity in the future as well.

Is a Crossover the Same as an SUV?

Sometimes, these terms are used interchangeably. But before the crossovers were popular, SUVs were a rip-off of trucks and had a body-on-frame construction and strong axles. They were used for towing and off-roading, which people still do. So doing all these heavy-duty activities consumes more fuel and impacts the on-road comfort. As such, interior space and comfort were also an issue. 

Crossovers (CUVs) are made with unibody construction, and these have a car-like structure. The integrated body and chassis make the ride quality way better. Crossovers also have elevated seating positions and high ground clearance. And if you search “Jeep dealer near me in St. Louis,” you will see them listing crossovers alongside the SUVs, which means the space between them is narrower than before.

Should You Buy an SUV?

This is indeed a difficult question for some because many can’t have the pleasure of buying an SUV just because they like it. Individuals have their priorities, and functionality and affordability come in first before anything else.

SUVs are great for those who love to go off-road, camping, trekking, and other fun activities. Those who have kids and pets and have to take them to places need a bigger car than the standard hatchback or sedan. In addition to this/or, if you need to carry cargo with you to different places, you can choose SUV without any hesitation.

All these points will help you get the best SUV in the dealership, but you need to confirm whether the particular car you chose is compatible with you or not.

Test-Drive Checklist for SUVs


SUVs are pretty different from regular cars; you will feel the height difference and the broader and longer view than before. So you need to see whether you will be able to maneuver the vehicle in sharp corners, traffic, and tight spots. And if you are familiar with regular cars, don’t expect SUVs to give you a similar experience. 


As mentioned in the previous point, your visibility increases with the elevated seating position of the SUV. Meanwhile, although you can see the road ahead, you may miss the low-riding cars depending on the style/model of the SUV (window line & seating position). But if your peripheral view is good, you can easily spot the low-riding cars.

Cabin Comfort

SUVs are large and comfortable and offer a spacious and comfortable cabin, seats, and legroom. Hence, you can install more devices/accessories in this vehicle than any other car.

Storage Solution

If you are a frequent camper, you will need to get the SUV with more boot space. As such, most of them have more boot space, and you can buy a bigger one to carry more stuff.


If you cannot park the car properly in your parking area, you will have to look for another SUV. 

These are the main things you need to know about SUVs.