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Advance Your NEET Preparation in the Right Direction


NEET 2021 Exam Date is 12 September - How to Fast Track Your NEET Preparation?

You got here as you aim for a good rank at NEET so as to pursue medicine in your dream medical college. To achieve this feat, the mindset of a student plays a big role, a positive mindset, to be precise. Smart decision-making and judging your actions are vital for this; all this stems from sound preparation. 

One of the first thoughts that slither into the minds of students as well as their parents after deciding to take up NEET is if the student has to opt for NEET coaching or study on one’s own. While it is one’s personal choice to opt for coaching, depending on the convenience and availability of resources, students take a call as the right guidance is necessary to excel at NEET. This guidance can even come from your peers/teacher/seniors etc. 

In this post, we understand the nuances of effective NEET preparation, the probable areas of improvement and essential tips to re-energise our learnings. 

How to Effectively Prepare for NEET?

Cracking NEET successfully is not a piece of cake. It demands dedication, consistency and a well-planned strategy. There has never been a better time than now when it comes to NEET preparation using online resources. Let us understand how to attain the perfect blend of offline and online modes of instruction and cause your NEET preparation to be rock-solid and thereby make way for effective preparation. 

Mini study sessions 

Different studies reveal that it is incredibly vital to moderate your time when it comes to effective learning sessions. Further to the studies, it is illustrated that learners tend to cover the same content of the syllabus in one-hour sessions spanning over 4 days as it can be covered in a 6-hour session. 

Devote multiple small sessions of time to prepare as it would ensure that learning is energetic and at par and prevents you from getting distracted, which is the bigger obstacle when you sit down to study. 

Integrating online and offline learning methodologies 

NEET covers a vast syllabus, and one requires to be thorough with each concept. Hence it is important to dive deep into topics which is why it is suggested to sync offline and online learning methodologies. If there is a topic that seems difficult to understand, you can opt for digital means. It induces the learner to look at the same concept from a different perspective, putting different senses in motion, eliciting responses, thus making learning easier. It also helps students learn concepts at one’s own pace using the best in class resources.


One of the most important aspects of the preparation for any exam is revision. Students start brushing learned concepts from the moment they cover a chapter. If we go by statistics, people tend to forget more than 70% of their learnings if not reinforced the same day.

Revisions invoke you to re-think and re-look at concepts. It opens up different possibilities and aids to recapitulate information. If not done the way they should, regions can prove to be limited to mere reading and could be of no help. 

Flags Indicating Your Revisions Need to be Revisited 

Listed below are some points which are indicators that you might be revising the wrong way or need help with revision. Experiment with your revision sessions if you face any of these situations: 

  • Seeing no improvement in mock tests for NEET
  • Concepts learnt do not seem to stay for long 
  • Learning a new concept seems easier than revising 
  • At sea when it comes to cracking NEET, doubting your preparation
  • Difficulty in concentrating 
  • Revision is your least preferred activity 
  • Revisiting topics seems daunting  

Recheck and experiment with your approach if you have any of these difficulties. To be able to experiment, one needs to have sufficient time in hand, for which starting early is a prerequisite. Revisions are an ongoing process, and your subconscious mind is constantly reiterating bits of information. It does not end until you have taken up that exam. All in all, for effective NEET preparation, one must not be limited to exploring other possibilities. Work hard and smart to accomplish more by doing less.

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