Adding to my routine | bleuwater

Adding to my routine | bleuwater

City of Palm Springs Aquatic Center
I overlook our beautiful Palm Springs city pool.

For 1 week, I’ve gotten in the pool every single day to kick. Tuesday I went back again to the Y for the initial time in months and lap swam.

Why did I quit with the lap swimming? Largely it was the weather. Summer season in the Arizona desert is cloudy with daily thunderstorms and lightening. Not best outdoor swimming climate.

If it’s not storming it’s outstanding intense sunshine which I tend to stay away from. In advance of I understood it, I was out of the lap swimming habit.

I have been pursuing “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron for yrs. At the very least most of her routine of early morning webpages, prayer and day by day walks. The factor I’ve been missing is the “artist’s day.”

My excuse prior to was COVID shutdowns.

Now I have no excuse. The artist date is to go out — by yourself — and expertise a thing to feed your muse. Cameron’s suggestions are seeking in antique and cloth suppliers, go any place that will fill your senses and spark your creativity.

I’m heading to check out a once-a-7 days date with myself. I have added two days of lap swimming, and 3 days of kicking — now an artist’s date. I assume that’s rather ample for now!

What is your morning or day by day plan? What would you like to insert to it?

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