8 things I wish I’d known before moving to Australia on a working holiday visa


If you are working lawfully in Australia, you’re entitled to the minimal wage. Whether you’re performing at a farm or in a cafe, you really should obtain at least $18.93 an hour  (£10.72 or 13.75 US$), which compares quite favourably with lots of other countries.

There’s a different opportunity reward, also, for travellers hunting for flexible get the job done. If you’re a ‘casual’ employee, ie. just one with no preset, certain performing hours, you are entitled to a ‘casual loading.’ This provides 25% on to your hourly charge, bringing your bare minimum wage up to $23.66. Not bad for a ‘tourist!’

As you in all probability know, in get for functioning vacation visa holders to get their next yr visa, they have to finish some variety of agricultural perform. People suppose that this means fruit finding in the blazing sun, but there are loads of other choices out there, from cooking, to cleansing to mining.

You may possibly have also read a number of horror stories surrounding the harmful exploitation of Doing work Holiday break Makers by unscrupulous farmers. Corruption and illegal abuses still go on, but the govt has been cracking down in current many years. Check out the Visa bureau website for Specified Do the job Listings so you know the area that you perform operates almost everything securely and relatively.


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