4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sustainable and Ethical Fashion


Guest Post by Vishal Porwal

Who does not want to dress up well, wherever you go, and the first thing anybody sees and comments on is the way you dress up. The famous quote “your first impression is your last” is somewhere partially said and framed on the basis of your looks. There are many brands in the market that can make you look handsome or beautiful. Well, the fashion industry seems all glamorous, but the reality behind it is equally horrifying. Are the customers, in general, aware of the destruction your favourite brand might be causing to the environment?

When we talk about the fashion industry, which is toxic to our ecosystem, it includes fast/cheap fashion, which comes and goes with the trend, and that is why they are made so cheap so that people can afford them. Being cheap means the quality will be low because they are made of cheap materials like polyester, rayon, etc., which are not good for the environment. Fast fashion cloth materials are the ones that do not decompose easily, and burning extreme causes level of carbon emission. In addition, there are multiple other types of environmental hazards that fashion cause.

While reading all these, you might be thinking what the alternatives that can least stop the increasing toxicity in the environment are. Then the answer to it is to be an aware customer/buyer; if you are paying for something you know is toxic, you are equally responsible for the causes too. You probably might have heard about sustainable fashion; it has multiple sister movements, like ethical fashion. Although if you want to study the things the fashion industry is doing in more depth, you should dig deep and research that topic. In this article, we will be talking about why people should choose sustainable and ethical fashion and how it is better and what good they do to our ecosystem.

What is sustainable and ethical fashion?

Before reading why you should choose sustainable and ethical fashion, you should know what sustainable and ethical fashion means. So, in brief, sustainable and ethical fashion both are eco-friendly approaches to fashion. It includes everything from sourcing to manufacturing in an eco-friendly manner. The goal is to cause zero to no impact on the environment. There are many other factors included in an ethical fashion which you will read in the further sections of this article.

Reasons to choose sustainable and ethical fashion

Here, under this section, we will be listing reasons why you should choose sustainable and ethical fashion, and you will understand why they should be popular as per the growing environmental concern.

Low carbon f

Annually the fashion industry causes 10 percent of the total annual carbon footprint, which is quite a high number if you know how much it affects the surrounding. This high carbon footprint is a major reason for all the global warming and sudden climate change. You might know that the fashion industry produces all their product from fossil fuels, and clothing materials like acrylic, polyester, nylon, etc., require high energy and also, and they do not decompose easily, which make them toxic and harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, if you look at the sustainable fashion industry, then you will see that they do not use these cheap materials in their production. Which makes them biodegradable; the products do not require much energy as they are made up of organic fabrics, for example, hemp, linen, organic cotton, etc. sustainable fashion does not use any chemical treatment under their production; they require less water and do not consume greater energy.

Better working condition

Do you think it is okay not giving an accurate wage to the workers who are putting their hard work and life into the production of clothes that you are wearing? Well, it is not right because, firstly, it is against labour rights, plus it is ethically wrong. Under non-ethical working conditions, everything from endless working hours and minimum wages to workers, and toxic work conditions, all these things take place. It all does sound like slavery, and indeed it is; in some places, even physical and verbal abuse is very common in conditions like these. You can find working conditions as such inside most of the fast fashion manufacturing companies.

Whereas on the other hand, sustainable and ethical fashion brands oppose all these conditions. Ethical fashion brands offer good working conditions and accurate wages as per their work and hard work; they also provide good health care facilities. A good work atmosphere encourages the employee to work better too.

Do not encourage any animal cruelty

Do you also have anything in your wardrobe which is made up of authentic leather? Well, do not be proud of yourself as someone lost their life for your life. Yes, you are not the one who killed any innocent animal, but you are equally blamed because you promoted such cruelty by buying those products. If you thought the fashion industry was using the by-product of the meat industry, then they’ve been lying to you. If you look at the statics, it shows the numbers over 430 million animals were killed for the sake of our fashion, which is not cool at all.

Sustainable vegan leather is not made up of polyester or any other harmful material that is biodegradable and can harm animals. Instead, they use new innovations like bio-fabricate vegan wool for the clothes and leather-like materials; there are vegan leather bags made from plants and their by-products, so in case you are feeling tempted to buy leather bags, there is a more eco-friendly option available. These methods are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Reduces landfills and other pollution

ast fashion clothing means every changing trend, and trends depend on how fast the brands launch their new collection. Earlier there used to be only four seasons, then it became six as per the clothing/fashion industry. Now there are more than 21 micro seasons; the actual problem is the buyers/customers are glamour bound. People see what their favourite influencer is doing, and they do so. As per result the number of clothes which get manufactured in a large amount– and when the season changes and then no one is using them they either get dumped causing landfills and others get burned and cause carbon emission which is responsible for global warming and other climatic changes.

Looking for a solution, you should switch to sustainable clothing because firstly, they are not made up of materials that cause harm to the environment; being sustainable, they sustain for a long time. Choosing sustainable clothing reduces overproduction which saves a lot of rescues, water, manpower, etc., which saves a lot of money and resources for sustainable brands and also lowers the stress on the environment.

In a nutshell:

We all feel good when we dress up good, but it should not be at the cost of environmental destruction or animal killing; that is why we need to understand what we are buying because the consequences could be fatal for all of us. Hence sustainable and ethical fashion is one of the alternatives through which we can reduce such activities and their effects. Hence we hope the above article might have generated some awareness.

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I am Vishal Porwal, living in the city of Oakland, United States, While spreading awareness of how fashion and the ecosystem can go hand-to-hand. In the hunt for the latest green living news, tips, and stories, I am more than pleased to share my opinion all around the globe with readers. For more information, you can visit my site https://lunabags.com/

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